KMCC Hire Cars

At Kettering Model Car Club we are really keen to help and encourage new racers to come along and have a go on a Friday night. For some that means dusting off their cars that have been sat on a shelf since they got bored of just running them up and down the street, but for the people who are interested in starting racing but don't yet own a car we are pleased to be able to offer our pair of hire car's for anyone to have a go with.

The Cars

Our first car has been a loyal servant to our club for some time now, it started life as the car our team of drivers used to finish 4th in the Ardent Raceway 24hr race in June 2012 (see the Gallery for pictures of the event and the car). Now it has been re-built and given a new bodyshell and is ready to help new drivers venture out onto the track for the first time. The car is a HPI Sprint 2, a belt driven 4wd touring car running on sticky Sorex slick racing tyres and covered by race spec high downforce bodyshell. It has a high performance Speed Passion 17.5 turn brushless motor that is controlled by powerful Hobbywing ESC. The steering is controlled by a strong, high speed Savox low profile servo making the car very accurate to drive and able to change direction very quickly. All this is powered by the latest in battery technology, a 2 cell 7.4v LiPo battery pack which is mounted accross the chassis giving the car nicely balanced handling.

Car number 2 is a new addition and a completely different class of car. This car once again started out life as a KMCC team car that took part in a 12 hour endurance race at Maritime Raceway in early 2015. The car is a GT12 class car meaning it is smaller and lighter than the touring car but no less competetive in the right hands. The chassis is a Supastox GT made by local RC manufacturer Schumacher Racing. This is mid engine rear wheel drive chassis that runs on super grippy foam tyres which combined with it's ultra low weight (400 grams lighter than a touring car) makes a great handling little car. This class of car is powered by a 1 cell LiPo battery and a 13.5 Speed Passion brushless motor. A CoreRC mini steering servo, ESC and 2.4Ghz radio system complete's the electronics setup of this great little car and it's covered by a realistic Porsche 911 GT3 bodyshell.

If you are interested in hiring either the car's for a nights racing please contact us using the enquiry form at the bottom of the Contacts page. Full terms and conditions, fee's and availabilty details are available via the enquiry form. Racing is open to anyone of any age but children will have to be accompanied by an adult. Everything you need to run the car for the evening will be supplied and you will receive one to one help throughout the night from one of our team.

We look forward to welcoming you on track soon!