Autumn 2017 Formula's

During club championship period club members are divided into one of three formula's based on there ability and results from the previous championship. Everyone still races together but as well as scoring points towards the main championship table, each formula has a seperate table that points are also allocated to also. Each formula has trophy prizes available usually for the top three finishers. This gives everyone, regardless of their ability, a chance to compete for prizes at the end of the championship, not just the top few drivers. Below you will see which formula each driver will compete in for the Autumn 2017 Club Championships.

Formula 1Formula 2Formula 3
Steve Swan Dave Irving Ryan Flower
Dan Wooster Lee Henson Seth Gibson
Nathan Maycock Martin Flower Sonny Beard
David French Nick Clements  
Adam Burgess Stewart Callis  
Tony Spooner Stu Marshman  
Jaco van der Sterren Chris Whiteside  
Stuart Ward James Wingfield  
  Jamie Gibson  
  John Shelswell  
  Paul Johnson  
  George Beard  

Non-members and new racers will be placed in F4 untill their club membership has been paid and/or their ability assessed and then they will be placed in the appropriate formula grade.