17th February 2019

15 cars on track this past Friday, 3 MTC's and 11 Touring Cars and John's trusty Mardave. 2 Newbie's too, it was great to finally welcome Phil and Richard on track after a few weeks of learning and preparation, hope you enjoyed your evening chaps! A tricky technical track was set out to test the drivers that rewarded fine throttle control and finding a steady rhythm.

Qualifying saw the cars mixed into 3 heats but come Finals time the MTC's were pulled out into their own Final and the rest populated A to C finals.
C Finals first with pole man Stu running his Iconic Cup stock class Tamiya touring car and going on to take the leg 1 win, but car problems meant a DNS for leg 2 leaving the door open for someone else to claim the overall win. In stepped new boy Richard from second on the grid who with two second place finishes took the overall win with 4 points, Stu's 5 points from the win and fourth (DNS) was still enough to just hold onto second place overall with John C claiming third.
John S took pole position for the B finals with his Xray and 3 points from a second and first place took the overall win. Last week's A finalist Nick took second place in the B this time, with Dave rounding out an Xray 1-2-3.
In the A Finals, Dan scored a clean sweep of TQ, two wins and fastest lap, I guess this track really suited his car and driving style. Steve and Nathan shared a second and third place each giving Steve second place overall thanks to his better qualifying result, Nathan taking third.
The 3 MTC's were lead away in their A Final by Jaco's Xpress but it was Adam that managed two wins and the overall win with another Xpress after some really fun racing. Jaco came home second overall and Anthony's M-Rage third after making steady progress through the evening.

All the results have been added to the Results page.

This coming Friday brings February's racing to a close and leads into our week off, before four weeks of racing through March starting on the 8th. Hopefully we can improve on 15 cars and make 4 or even 5 heats of cars a regular thing. See you all on Friday!

11th February 2019

Once again a long overdue update! Last Friday's racing marked the 1 year anniversary of the club moving into it's new and current home at Barton Seagrave Village hall, the time has flown by. I hope you all agree that it is still a great place to go racing each week.

So the First part of this weeks update, the racing. Last week saw 14 cars take to the track - a nice mix of our traditional touring car class with a couple of 'MTC' car's mixed in too (more on those later), and a heat of Mchassis car's too.
The B Final was dominated by Jaco running his Xpress MTC, after lining up in second place on the grid he went on to win both legs of the finals. Dave followed in second place with his soon to be replaced Xray T3, and Adam was third with another Xpress MTC.
In the A final Dan lead away from pole position to take 2 wins too, closely follwed by Steve to make it an Xray T4 1-2. Nick finished in an impressive third place with another soon to be retired T3, once he gets his hands on his new T4 the A final regulars are going to have some serious competition!.
In the Mchassis A final Paul lead from pole to take two wins with his Tamiya M07 with Jamie coming second thanks to tie break rules with his 3Racing MG Evo, Simon was third despite being tied on points running a borrowed Tamiya M03. It's great to see Simon back racing in Mini's and with his two boys in tow it'll make for a busy night for dad and a nice boost to the Mchassis class.
All Results have now been uploaded.

Next up a quick reminder/run through of classes we are running at the moment. As ever a class getting its own heat is dependant on numbers turning up. Touring Car's remain unchanged, we still run 13.5 open rules to make it as easy as possible for anyone coming along to have a competetive car. Our track isn't huge, an average club size track, and this means just about any combination of motor, ESC and battery will be easily fast enough. Having the latest and greatest motor or high capacity battery makes no difference on a track the size of ours - 13.5, 17.5, blinky or boosted will all be fine at KMCC.
Next MTC as it's become known as in this country, these are basically 4wd Mchassis cars. We have had a couple of these car's race so far and there are at least two more being prepared that we know of so it's worth going over them a little. MTC can run fine in with normal touring cars, they are not massively lighter than touring cars so dont get bashed around too much by the bigger cars. Generally speaking 17.5 blinky rules have been favoured for this class, there are areas and championships that specify control electronics but we wont be going down that route, any 17.5 motor and blinky ESC (or blinky mode) are fine. As with our other classes rubber tires are to be used on our track.
Lastly we have a strong following in the Mchassis class. This is for 2wd Mchassis or mini cars, usually FWD. This class usually runs with brushed Team Powers Cup Racer motors and any suitable brushed ESC (the hobbywing 1060 being very good and cheap!), but beginners may be better off starting with the standard Tamiya 'silver can' type motor until they get up to speed. We have a nice mix of classic Tamiya M03 cars thanks to the popularity of the Iconic Cup, and the modern generation of cars like the Tamiya M07 and 3Racing MG Evo. As with the other classes 2s Lipo batteries are the norm, and rubber tires.
If you have any questions about any of our classes head on over to out Facebook group and ask away, you'l always get plenty of help from our members.

Finally we move onto something new. On the right you will now see a large 'Club Shop' button, clicking here directs you to our club shop page with Spreadshirt. This allows us to offer a range of club branded merchandise in various size's and colour's etc without having to hold stock or bulk order. You can order your club branded Tshirts, Hoodies, Bags etc whenever you like and the order processing, printing and shipping is all done by Spreadshirt. We control the designs and products available but everything else, including returns or other issues is handled by them. There are regular offers for discouts or free shipping which we will let you know about, and shipping pricing is based on order value so it may be worth getting together to order multiple items to share the shipping fee. We will monitor the service to see if this system works well for the club but hopefully this will allow you to share with the world which club you race at and spread the word of KetteringMCC while travelling and racing far and wide.

That wraps things up for this week and hopefully updates will come more regualrly in future. Hope to lots of you on Friday for another fun night of racing!

23rd September 2018

All the Results from the last 3 weeks of racing have been uploaded for you to check out.

It was good to see Peter Jeeves back this week, and also to welcome dad Mark Jeeves to the club to race for the first time, we hope you enjoyed your evening and will be back soon. The last few weeks have seen a great mix of cars hitting the track, it certainly makes a nice change from all the Xray's that had overrun the club. Dan's Tamiya TB05Pro review car has been going great running up at the front, there's also been the Tamiya M07's of Adam and Paul which have been joined by Jamie's 3Racing MGevo too showing the Mchassis cars can mix it with the bigger Touring Cars. With a few ARC's, a couple of Schumacher's and a lonely Yokomo joining in too it has made for a nice mix to compare, long may it continue!

Theres one more Friday night meeting this month on the 28th before our week off and then into October's meetings. Keep and eye on the calendar above to see what's going on. All the Winter series events around the country are due to kick of in the next few weeks, some of them are listed in the calendar and have KMCC members attending and representing the club. Keep an eye on the club Facebook page for updates from these races or to find out who is going if you fancy joing in too.
See you all on Friday!

27th August 2018

Finally, a long overview update. Technical issues have prevented webiste updates but racing has continued as normal at our Barton Seagrave Village Hall venue. The racing has been fun and very competetive, and with the hall now obtaining an alcohol license to go along with its snacks, soft drinks and tea & coffee's, we have a perfect venue for a full evening of entertainment.
As always we strongly advise members and prospective visitors check out our club Facebook Page, the most up to date news, chat and race details will tend to appear on there first due to it being easily updatable, we do try to keep this site updated as much as possible too. Also remember that the first Friday of each month is our week off due to another booking at the venue, the calendar above details our race dates plus other events of note that our members may be attending.

Results from last Friday have been added. Despite it being a very quiet night due to people being away for the bank holiday, we had great fun and experimented with the whole format of the night. A 1 hour fastest lap qualifying session allowed plenty of track time, hightlighted perfectly by Jaco's pole position time coming from one of his 120+ laps! Two finals followed with the second final being run the opposite way around the track. Interestingly most drivers pretty much matched there fastest lap times of the night even when going the wrong way, Paul improved! Great fun.
We're racing again this coming Friday before our night off on September the 7th, so get those Touring Cars or M Chassis cars prepped and come down and join in. See you all on Friday.

24th April 2018

Despite the lack of updates (sorry!), we are now 2 weeks into the Spring 2018 championship - the first we have held at the Barton Village Hall venue. 17 Drivers have taken to the track so far which is a good start but hopefully we'll see some more of you guys over the coming weeks.

The early leader in F1 is Nathan Maycock having scored points in both round 1 and 2 but ending the night with a broken car last week cost him the chance to try and make the best of his early advantage. John Shelswell is the F2 leader with a perfect 200 points, and he also shares the lead with Nathan in the overall combined table. Finally in F3 Chris Whiteside leads the way again with the maximum points score off 200.

The Results from last week have now been uploaded, and the up to date Championship Tables are available too.

This Friday is round 3, followed by our week off. We then return on Friday 11th of May for round 4. Keep and eye on the club Facebook page for the most up to date news and also updates on club members results when off racing in other championships and events around the country.

See you all on Friday!

18th February 2018

We are now 2 weeks into life at our new home. So far the feedback has been excellent and we are really happy with the way things are going at the new hall. The excellent racing conditions, the increased track size and improved layouts, the great racing, the onsite cafe providing refreshments - its all amazing! Have you been along and checked us out yet? you really should.

The racing on Friday was incredible, some great action on an entirely new layout and the consistancy shown by A Final winner Dan Wooster was world class. The Results page has been updated and ready to view, please do click on the option to view the full results breakdown and check out the amazing lap times and averages.

We are racing as normal this coming friday before our first 'week 1' break. Please keep and eye on the racing calendar at the top of this page as all the race dates can be updated remotely and so will feature the most up to date info.
See you all on Friday!

30th January 2018

We are pleased to be able to announce that as of today Kettering Model Car Club has a new permanent home - Barton Seagrave Village Hall.

Based on the feedback you, the members, have given us, and the strict criteria we set out previously we believe that Barton Seagrave Village Hall ticks all the boxes and will be perfect for our club going forward.

Venue Details:
Describing the hall as our new home is accurate in every sense of the word. The building is brand new and sits within a new housing development acting as the heart of its community. The building opened in September 2017 and features everything you'd expect to find in a modern community hall. The sports hall area that we will be using is large, bright and airy, a really nice space. The sprung wooden flooring is perfectly flat, worlds apart from what we have become used to. The floor area will allow us to lay a track of approx. 18.5M x 12M with space left all the way round to easily walk to marshal points and have access to the various doorways leading to the carpark, main entrance foyer and cafe/lounge area (more on that later). There is also space for the rostrum to be set back from the edge of the track giving us full use of the 6 roll (12M) width.
The heating and lighting is excellent, and in the summer months we will benefit from natural light coming in through the huge floor to ceiling windows.
The storage arrangements are very good also, plenty of well organised space with easy access that should make setting up and packing faster than ever - with all your cooperation that is!
There are approx 10 large tables suitable for 2 drivers to share available (same type as the old venue) and plenty of chairs. There are also plenty of power sockets around the hall, still consider bringing an extension lead but you will have no issues plugging in chargers.
Away from the main hall the building has modern male, female and disabled toilet facilities. Ramped access is standard throughout the building and with double doors and wide corridors everywhere we are now more disability friendly than ever. Back to that point about a cafe - yep we have have access to a cafe should we want it. As a managed facility whenever we are onsite a member of the management team will be also onsite and can make the cafe available to us for refreshments, and eventually a licensed bar! There is ample car parking both in front of the building and in the main carpark.

Race Nights and Fee's:
We have submitted a Hire Agreement securing us use of the hall on the 2nd, 3rd 4th and when applicable the 5th Friday of every month. As you are aware the hall is currently booked out on the first Friday of each month but should that slot become available we would look at taking it on.
Based on your feedback and the need to cover our now substantially elevated costs we are introducing revised Race Fee's effective immediately and as as follows: Adult Members 8 & Junior Members 2.
This falls in line with what the majority suggested would be acceptable for an improved facility, taking 'the going rate' into consideration and calculating what we need to cover costs based on recent attendances. We do however propose to review the race fee's within a few months of moving into the new venue. We hope that Barton Seagrave Village Hall is a more attractive venue to our current membership, former members and prospective new racers/members and should this mean we see an increase in attendance we will look to reduce race fee's. It's quite simple, the more through the door on a regular basis the less we need to charge to cover the rent, consumables and track upkeep. As members you have the power to directly influence this through your attendance and positive promotion of our club bringing in more racers.

To finish a brief mention about our class of racing. We remain a Touring Car club running to the same rules that we have run for the last 10 years! The extra track area we will have and the smooth floor should see a return of touring car racing at its best and with the quality of racers our club has I expect to see some exciting racing in the coming weeks and months (and years). We remain open to welcoming variations on the 'normal' touring car theme though, Tamiya M Chassis and Tamiya Trucks are exciting emerging classes offering cheap entry level racing and real fun factor. These sub-classes could help bring in numbers and offer an alternative to the high end and high price touring cars, spread the word.
Please keep your eyes peeled for further updates in the lead up to our re-launch. We will need your help to get the club equipment moved efficiently from the old venue to Barton Seagrave, not an easy task with the carpark situation but many hands make light work.
Again its worth mentioning that if you have acces to Facebook please check out our group page, the latest updates can usually be found on Facebook purely because of the ease of posting and the group interaction. Click the button on the right or search 'Kettering Model Car Club'.

Now, lets go racing again!

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