29th May 2017


A brief update for the active members.
Firstly my apologies for my absences lately, if you are not aware I had a bit off a tumble from a motorcycle and manged to break 4 ribs and required a chest drain to remove quite a lot of blood from my chest. Still a little tender, and not supposed to be lifting, bit I am on the mend.

Since taking over the running of KMCC when Gary gave up, initially with Colin and then Adam, Stu, Martin and Rob, we have developed into a friendly easy running club. Whilst we are not the biggest, we don't run multiple classes or run all day meetings, what we have works and works well, and we feel doesn't need to change. The carpet we are running on is now in the region off 14+ years old. It is still in good condition and perfectly serviceable for many years to come. One of the reasons we have managed to maintain this carpet is by restricting the type of cars that run to Touring Cars, as you may be aware classes like GT's and 12th scale run foam tyre and do leave a lot of additive on the carpet. Whilst we have run odd heats of other classes, KMCC is a Touring Car Club and that is what we are known for being. We will remain a Touring Car Club. However we will continue to allow new members or visiting guests to run other cars initially. All F1 & F2 drivers should be running Touring Cars, if during a series they need to run anything other, points will not be awarded.

We have had some upset recently with the redevelopment of the main hall. Whilst we knew this was coming unfortunately Kettering Council 'forgot' to tell us when. The move to the bottom hall happened quickly and went well. Youthworks were a great help firstly by informing us of the loss of access, and then by getting the storage area cleared allowing us the access we need and accommodating us where ever possible. You may not be aware but he money we pay for hall hire goes to Youthworks for their charity work, something we are proud to support. I would like to say here a huge thanks to all those who help with the move on such short notice.

Tony has, over the last couple of weeks, been investigating the availability of other halls within the Kettering area. For this we thank him. The hall we currently have is a little on the small side and the floor is certainly rougher than we remember (I'm going to ask if there are plans to refurb it at any point in the near future), whilst it may not be the best hall, KMCC still has a home and continues to race. Throughout the club history we have moved a few times, sometimes for the wrong reasons, sometimes without any choice. Before we commit to any future move however there are a number of things we need to ensure are in place/available:
The club will continue to run on a Friday night, this enables the younger members to attend without the problem of a school night. Any possible hall needs to be at least equivalent in size to where currently are and preferable to smooth. We currently have easy free access with keys and alarm codes, whilst this is unusual access needs to continue to be easy and a little flexible. The class raced will continue to be Touring Cars. The main criteria however is cost, we do not want to increase race fees at if at all possible.

If anyone has any questions or comments please contact any one of us,
Dave, Adam, Rob, Stu, Martin.

25th February 2017

Kettering Model Car Club has a new home! But as we're quite fond the the William Knibb Centre we've just moved downstairs.

Whilst we've been aware of plans to refurbish certain sections of the Centre for some time, which includes converting the first floor gym into office space, things moved on very suddenly and with just a week's notice. So as of today the club has moved to it's new home of the activity hall in the old part of the building. This means we are now on the ground floor which makes access to the hall much better, no more lugging those heavy haulers up the stairs! Access from the carpark is excellent being ramped with no steps at all and as part of the refurb the carpark is due to be resurfaced at some point too. The carpark is off Alfred Street as before but is the next one along so the second carpark on the left if approaching from Victoria Street. The entrance to building is in the far right of the carpark as you turn in.

New Hall

Thanks to the excellent work done by our group of volunteers all the club's equipment has been moved into its new home and also had a bit of much needed maintenance so we are ready to go for this coming Friday. Please try to arrive as early as you can as there will be a little trial and error in getting set up for the first time so we'll need as many hands a possible helping to set up and pack away if we are to run the meeting as normal. We look forward to seeing lots of you along on Friday to begin this new chapter for KetteringMCC.

2nd November 2016

Club Championship Round 2
A quick update this week just to say that the Results from round 2 of the Club Championship that took place last Friday are now available, as are the updated Championship Tables.

See you all this Friday for Round 3!

22nd October 2016

Club Championship Round 1
Round 1 of the Championship was greeted by 15 keen racers all looking to start off their title challenges with a bang. A fast track was laid out that seemed to encourage drivers into finding a good rhythm and there were some excellent 5 minute runs by several drivers.

Qualifying saw most people finish roughly where expected within their ability groups but with a lower turnout of F1 drivers than normal there was a spot in the A Final up for grabs and Tony Spooner took his chance to sneak onto the back of an A final grid that was as usual headed by Dan Wooster. Elsewhere Jaco van der Sterren took pole position for the B Final and Nick Clements took pole for the C Final.
The C Final was away first and Nick was well into his stride by the time the finals started and he managed to convert his pole position into 2 wins, a strong start to his first championship since joining the club and to top off a good night he takes an early lead in the F3 championship. John Shelswell picked up second place and Mat Dawson.
Jaco was able to emulate Nick in the B Final by coverting his pole position into 2 wins and getting his championship off to a solid start. Stu Marshman followed in second place showing a continuation of his recent good form with Rob Oliver finishing third.
The A Final was lead away by Dan Wooster but he shared the wins with Steve Swan with each driver taking a win and a second place, this in the end gave the overall win and maximum points to Dan. The surprise of the night was third place finisher Tony Spooner. By qualifying in the A Final he had already guarenteed himself maximum points in F2 and it seems that freedom to just 'have a go' allowed him to put together 2 great finals. In leg 1 he benefitted from mistakes from other drivers to slot into third place but then drove cleanly and quickly to keep the position. In leg 2 it was a different story though, once again there were some mistakes from others but Tony had found some unbelievable pace and on the way to claiming another third place finish he also recorded the fastest lap of the race (only narrowly missing out on fastest lap of the night!). Top driving that is no only a worry early on for his fellow F2 drivers but a genuine concern to some of the F1's too!

All the results have been added to the Results page, and the Championship Tables have been added too.

That's all for this week, round 2 of the championship takes place next Friday and we hope to see lot's of you along to race.

24th September 2016

It's that time of year again, the count down to the Autumn/Winter Club Championship is on! After a good year of racing for our club members both home and away, it's just about time to see out 2016 with what is traditionally our main championship.
We get under way on Friday 21st October and will have 8 weeks of championship racing finishing on Friday 9th December, with the Friday 16th December pencilled in for the trophy presentation. We will run our standard format of 2 heats and 2 finals for everyone with points being awarded for each driver's overall result at the end of each round, each driver's best 5 results from the possible 8 will count towards their final points tally. We will use our normal driver grading system of F1, F2 & F3 with trophies up for grabs for the top drivers in each group. That covers the basics, if anyone has any questions about the championship format then please feel free to post on the KetteringMCC Facebook group, click the Facebook button on the right to be directed straight to the group page.
We are now left with just 3 more weeks of normal club racing/practice before we get under way so we hope to see lots of you along racing with us in preparation. See you all on Friday!

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